One Roll, One Kid - March 2019

I’m back with another installment of my One Roll, One Kid project! I’m trying to shoot a roll each month of one of my kids. Please click through to Vanessa Smith’s blog to follow our One Roll, One Kid blog loop.

This month my youngest turned four! Of all our three kids, she is usually the boldest, the most cheerful, and the most melodramatic. Her favorite color is yellow, which suits her personality. She loves school, talking to her friends and making new friends, and going to the playground on her scooter. She is really interested in sea creatures (big Octonauts fan!) and space. For her birthday we moved her out of her toddler bed (aka our much-loved crib with the side off) and into a twin bed. When I asked her what kind of bedding she wanted for her new bed, she told me she wanted a blanket “with earths on it.” I had a roll of Tri-X in my Rolleiflex for most of the month, so these photographs were taken on a few separate occasions, but all in and around our house. Most of them were taken one day after school when her sister had done her nails, so that’s why she’s showing off her fingers. I developed in D-76 and edited out dust and yellow streaks from exhausted fixer (don’t used exhausted fixer!) in Lightroom.