One Roll, One Kid - April 2019

I’m in my third month of this year’s One Roll, One Kid project. Before you close out this tab, make sure to follow our blog circle and check out Tatiana Johnson’s vibrant and emotive photography.

This month my one roll features my middle child and only son. He’s a tricky kid to photograph. The girls generally love to pose and are happy to get in front of the camera, but if I can even persuade my boy to sit in my temporary home studio, he covers his eyes or sticks out his tongue, or, if I offer a bribe and I’m lucky, gives me one picture like this:


This makes him seem freakishly exuberant, but most of the time he’s a pretty mellow kid who likes to read, play Roblox and Minecraft, learn everything he can about whatever topic he’s into, and explore the world at his own pace. So over spring break, while I was visiting the grandparents in Ithaca with him and his little sister (big sister was off in Seattle visiting my family), I brought them to Sapsucker Woods and took photographs of them on the trails around the forest and pond. I focused on photographing my boy, but of course his sister is his shadow and made it into a few images too. I wish I’d put him in a plain shirt, but getting him clothed at all is a challenge sometimes, so any shirt is a win. All photos were, as usual, taken on my Rolleiflex with Tri-X 400.

This last image doesn’t include any kids, but they’re responsible for the ripples.