One Roll, One Kid - May 2019

I’ve cycled through each kid and I’m back to my oldest and most cooperative. Before you leave, please click through to Charlene Hardy’s blog for her monthly One Roll, One Kid post.

This is our seventh spring in DC (I can’t believe we’ve lived here so long!), and my husband and I agree it’s the nicest. Usually spring is either a solid month of rain or a handful of days between the abrupt switch from windy winter to muggy summer. This year, there’s been a more gradual transition in temperature, and while we’ve had a decent amount of rain (including Mother’s Day, bleh), there have been a lot of really pleasant days, even the hot days aren’t humid, and the mosquitoes aren’t too bad yet. We can sit out in the backyard at night with the scent of our neighbor’s honeysuckles wafting through the air and be reminded that for a few fleeting days in May, DC is a pretty amazing place to be.

So I shot most of this month’s roll outside. The first few pictures are from a Sunday walk in Georgetown, where we ate sandwiches and visited the Georgetown Flea. There is a guy there who sells vintage cameras, which is naturally one of the main draws for me, but there’s also books, vintage furniture, stuffed animals, posters, and all kinds of stuff. The last pictures are from a walk we three girls took through our neighborhood alleys. I occasionally have overlapping frame problems on my Rolleiflex so there is an inadvertent double exposure which looks kind of cool, although I still wish the frames had turned out as intended. All photos were shot on Tri-X 400 and developed at home in HC-110B.