One Roll, One Kid - February 2019

I’ve joined a blog circle of film photographers who are doing a One Roll, One Kid project - the goal is to shoot a roll of a kid once a month. The rules are flexible, so we can shoot multiple rolls, or multiple kids, or someone who is not a kid, and so on. I am getting a late start but I’m excited to join. Please click through to Charlene Hardy’s One Roll, One Kid post - her beautiful work is an inspiration to me in my own.

I started with my oldest because she is a compliant subject and doesn’t currently look like Scarface, unlike her brother who fell flat on his face in a parking lot earlier this month. She is eleven and as you can tell is used to my camera and coming up with interesting poses. She’s worn dresses for a lot of shoots, but she’s not into dresses right now, so she decided to wear my flannel shirt (I came of age in Seattle in the ‘90s - I have to own at least one!). It’s a little big but I’m sure this is just the beginning of many closet raids to come.

I had a roll of Tri-X in my Rolleiflex with ten frames to go. It was a bright day, so while I set up my mini home studio (Alien Bee 400 in a softbox and black backdrop), I didn’t use my reflector and depended too much on ambient light, not realizing I was blocking a lot of it while shooting. Consequently, the negatives are thin (I know my developing was fine because the first frames on the roll came out perfectly) and hard to scan well. I like moody lighting, but this is a little more than I’d prefer! Also, I have a weird streaky thing going on in a couple of frames. I am pretty happy with the focus and posing in these, though. These were developed in HC-110 solution B, scanned on an Epson V-550, and edited in Lightroom.